Cummins text Emblem

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1/4 20 Studs Welded Behind Logo for Mounting

Interchangeable & Removable Only from the Backside

Stainless Hardware Included-Twist Nuts & Go

Overkill fabrication logo designs add the ultimate touch. Each logo is designed with unreal details that set you apart. Each Logo takes hours and hours of CAD design. They are essential for a custom grille but they can be used for other applications like trailers, side badges, tailgates, shops, signs, and the list goes on. Overkill fabrication logo are easily switchable and only removable from the backside which protects your investment.

Included is a hardware kit with stainless locking nuts that you twist on. The backside of each logo has welded 1/4 20 threads and 1 inch length stainless studs hidden for an easy universal installation. Overkill fabrication logos proprietary corrosion resistant stainless technology creates the most durable logo on the planet. Every piece is 100% T304 stainless steel. Its engineered to exploit the cleanest installation possible.